Ffynh 8E

We have never quarrelled with tyranny as the Irish have done. We have rather turned the other cheek to the smiter ... This resolution is a fitting climax to this meeting’s programme. You have pledged yourselves to – Disestablishment, Land Reform, Local Option and other great reforms. But, however drastic and broad they may appear to be, they after all simply touch the fringe of that vast social question which must be dealt with in the near future. There is a momentous time coming. The dark continent of wrong is being explored and there is a missionary spirit abroad for its reclamation to the realm of right. That is why I feel so sanguine that were self-government granted to Wales she would be a model to the nationalities of the earth of a people who have driven oppression from their hillsides, and initiated the glorious reign of freedom, justice and truth.

(Lloyd George, speech to South Wales Liberal Federation, February 1890 in W.R.P. George, The Making of Lloyd George, London, 1976, p. 166 [Tip: daliwch Ctrl a chliciwch dolen i'w agor mewn tab newydd. (Cuddio tip)] )