What to Expect?

Here is a brief overview of the topics and ideas that you’ll engage in.

  • Unit 1: Math and You is designed to build math confidence, to start to develop problem-solving strategies, and to explore some of the study skills that you need to be successful in mathematics.

  • Unit 2: Getting Down to the Basics addresses these key areas: the history of numbers, using a number line, decimals, rounding, and estimating.

  • Unit 3: Everyday Math introduces the four basic math operations and some mental math strategies.

  • Unit 4: Math in Real World looks at more problem-solving strategies, as well as the importance of order of calculations and exponents.

  • Unit 5: Numbers Everywhere explores units of measurement, signed numbers, and reading and writing mathematics.

  • Unit 6: Parts of the Whole focuses on understanding and using fractions, and applying the four basic math operations to them.

  • Unit 7: Using Fractions reinforces strategies for what to do when you get stuck on a problem, using a real-life problem with fractions.

  • Unit 8: Relationships Among Numbers provides activities to address how numbers are used in daily life, and explores the connections among fractions, percentages, and ratios.

  • Unit 9: Exploring Patterns and Formulas explores some of these patterns to help you tackle a different variety of problems.

  • Unit 10: Investigating Geometric Shapes and Sizes is about how shapes and sizes can be measured.

  • Unit 11: Communicating with Data, Charts, and Graphs explores how we collect, record, analyze, interpret and use math in our everyday life.