1.3 Online Learning

The Online Learning Environment

Learning online or taking online classes is different from learning in a classroom. It can be hard to stay focused with so many distractions that can occur in an online environment, especially when you link out to other sites. Remind yourself to complete just the suggested task and don’t get sidetracked. Be mindful of your time when you are on the computer. If you find yourself venturing away from the math, stop and remind yourself of the goals you are trying to achieve. It can be very helpful to set a five-minute timer whenever you go to outside websites. When the timer rings, you will know that you should return to the screen you were working on.

It is also advisable not to spend too long working at your computer screen.  Give yourself regular breaks away from it.  This will also help you study more effectively.

On the other hand, learning online can be fun and engaging. Reading a book is usually not as exciting as spending study time in a multimedia environment. Enjoy the opportunities it brings.

Don’t isolate yourself. Talking to family and friends about the math you study, and maybe discussing details of problems that you find tricky, are important experiences and can help tremendously. Everybody has been exposed to math. Don’t be shy to talk about it.

1.2.2 More Calculator Activities

1.3.1 Where Did the Time Go?