5.2.4 Determining if a Value is Positive or Negative

Let’s try one last exercise, now that you are an expert!

Activity symbol Activity: Positive or Negative?

Determine if each number in the given situation is negative or positive.

  • 3 degrees below zero.
  • 52 m below sea level.
  • $1000 net gain.
  • $5000 withdrawal from ATM machine.
  • $1000 deposit in savings account.
  • 3 kg weight loss.
  • 2 kg weight gain.
  • 80 m above sea level.
  • 37 above zero.
  • $2000 net loss.
Hint symbol


Look for key words, like “below”, “above”, or “loss” and “gain.”

Solution symbol


The correct solutions have been sorted into a table below.

3 degrees below zero
52 m below sea level52 m
$1000 net gain$1000
$5000 withdrawal from ATM machine$5000
$1000 deposit in savings account$1000
3 kg weight loss3 kg
2 kg weight gain2 kg
80 m above sea level80 m
37 above zero37°
$2000 net loss$2000

Now that we have looked at some examples of negative numbers and you have learnt how to represent them on a number line, we will move on to using negative numbers in calculations.   

5.2.3 The Number Line Revisited

5.2.5 Addition and Subtraction on the Number Line