7.1.6 Length of the New Matting

Activity symbol Activity: What is the Length of the New Matting?

Now that we have found the width of the matting, we still need to determine the length.

Use the same methods as the previous activity to find the length of the matting.

Hint symbol


We will use the same method to find the length of the picture. Add the matting border on both sides to the length of the cut out window. Use a sketch to follow along, as you did before.

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You can check by using the calculator.

Calculator symbol The calculator can be accessed on the left-hand side bar under Toolkit.

The length of the photo plus the borders is two multiplication inches:

After reducing it, the matting is inches in length. Therefore, the measurements are inches by inches.

7.1.5 Width of the New Matting

7.1.7 Step 5: Cutting the Matting