11.4.1 Drawing a Bar Chart

The same basic guidelines apply to drawing a bar chart as they do to drawing a graph, so bear these in mind when completing this activity.

Solution symbolActivity: Drawing a Bar Chart

In an earlier activity, you created the following table showing information about hotel guests. Use the table to draw a vertical bar chart to show the total number of guests in each of the nationality categories. Mark the nationality categories on the horizontal axis and the number of guests on the vertical axis.

Origin and Age Categories of Hotel Guests
Child Adult Senior Total
Irish 8 5 4 17
British 4 6 4 14
Mainland European 0 3 1 4
Rest of the world 6 4 2 12
Total 18 18 11 47
Source: Hotel accommodation records

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Your bar chart should look like this:

Described image

Did you remember to include the following essential information?

  • A title describing the information shown in the chart?
  • The source of the data?
  • Labels for the axes?
  • A scale for the vertical axis?

Notice how this bar chart stresses the total number of tourists in each category. You can see easily that there were more tourists from Ireland than any of the other groups.

11.4.2 Component Bar Charts