5.0.1 What to Expect in this Unit

This unit should take around 12 hours to complete. In this unit you will learn about:

  • US and SI units of measurement.
  • Negative numbers.
  • Reading and writing math.

In the first section, we will look at the various units of measurement. In particular, we will focus on units used in the U.S., but will also consider those used by the scientific community.

Image with meters and Miles on

In Sections 5.2 and 5.3, we will explore negative numbers. Whether you’re keeping track of your bank account or enjoying a round of golf, negative numbers might come into play!

Woman playing golf

In Section 5.4 , we will study the art of reading and writing mathematics. Remember that math is a language; reading and writing it takes practice, and is essential to your success in math.

Image of book with 2 plus 3 equals, 6 minus 3 equals on the left hand page and 4 multiplied by 2 equals and 4 divided by 2 equals on the right hand page

Finally in Section 5.5 we will look at some extension work on negative numbers and tackle another home improvement problem.

Practice Quiz

Check your understanding of some basic techniques of measuring with numbers and using negative numbers before you start, by completing the Unit 5 pre quiz, then use the feedback to help you plan your study.

The quiz does not check all the topics in the unit, but it should give you some idea of the areas you may need to spend most time on. Remember, it doesn’t matter if you get some or even all of the questions wrong—it just indicates how much time you may need for this unit!

Click here for the pre quiz. [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)]

5.1 Using Units of Measurement