7.2 Quiz creation process and checklist

The following checklist is a guide to creating robust and effective quizzes:

  1. Identify the topics you want to cover in the quiz and write them down, you may do this as you are writing the course and the material is fresh in your mind
  2. For each topic, draw up possible ways to ask the question, referring to examples of the different question types in use.
  3. Decide on the feedback type for each question.
  4. Draft questions for each topic in the question formats you have chosen.
  5. Write out some hint text for the interactive with multiple try questions.
  6. Write out some feedback text for the deferred feedback and immediate feedback questions.
  7. Compile all the questions and organise them into a logical order, grouping the random variant versions together under one question number (for example 3a, 3b, 3c each being a variant for question 3).
  8. Ask colleagues to review the questions and feedback text. Request that they provide comments on the pedagogical strength of the questions. Tell them about the potential audience for the open online course and the assessment strategy (including if the quiz summative or formative).
  9. Review and if necessary revise the questions, feedback text and assessment strategy in light of comments from colleagues.

Once you are happy with the questions, you can set up the quiz in your online course.

7.1.2 Question behaviour