Sales Process

Sales process involves two step:

  Telephonic – The 1st step is to speak to the prospect and get an appointment.

  Face to Face – the 2nd step is to meet the prospect at the appointment time and place.

Things to remember - Telephonic Appointment

  • Greetings
  • Confirm the name
  • Give Introduction
  • Seek Permission
  • Purpose of Call – General Benefit Statement
  • Give alternate time
  • Confirm time and address
  • Summarise and Thank the customer

Things to remember - Face to face Appointment

  • It is very important to carry your sales kit whenever you go and meet a prospective customer.
  • Dress formally
  • Recognise need of the customer
  • Suggest product according to the need
  • Evaluating options available in the market
  • Eliminating Doubt
  • Close the deal

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