Analysis of the poem

Please read carefully the analysis of the literary text.

Here is my literary analysis:

In this song we can read that there is an anaphora in the following sentences, I mean sentences are repeated.

“Every endless night has a dawning day “

“Every darkest sky has a shining ray “

“Every” is reaped so this is an anaphora.

There are a lot more literary devices in this song like the paradox:

“Every darkest night has a shining ray “this is a paradox. 

A paradox is a contradiction.

Do you think of love as a one-way street?

Well, it runs both ways, open up your eyes

Can't you see me here, how can you deny

It's a private emotion

That fills you tonight

And a silence falls between us

As the shadows steal the light

an idea or a sentence and as you can see this statement contradicts itself. All our life is a paradox and the social impact of this paradox is very important because every night ends with a day.

“It's a private emotion that fills you tonight and silence falls between us, as the shadows steal the light and wherever you may find it wherever it may lead...Let your private emotion come to me, come to me, come to me”.

In this sketch of the poem, we can see that there is a personification because “shadows don’t steal the light. In this case, it is as if the shadows were a person and they would physically steal the light because shadows can’t “steal”. The private emotion is also a personification as if emotions walk to people.

These anaphoras and these personifications emphasize the importance for people to have a shining ray in their lives hope and fortune to love affairs.

As you can see the “shadows” and the “emotions” take a sort of human character.

“When your soul is tired and your heart is weak do you think of love as a one-way street? Well, it runs both ways, open up your eyes Can't you see me here, how can you deny”.

I think in these lines we can observe a hyperbole and again a personification. The “soul tiered and the heart week” love as “a one-way street”. The feelings are exaggerated and love is no street our sold and heart don't get tired or week people get tired and week, not feelings. In some way they do but when we say that we are personifying and exaggerating like doing a hyperbolic figure of speech.

The hyperbole is part of poetical language all poets exaggerate a bit but in this case, it suits once more to underline the main message which is hope, the light after the tunnel.

“And wherever you may find it Wherever it may lead Let your private emotion come to me Come to me, come to me”

this is an example of many metaphors that exist in the text.

I guess that in this analysis I covered the main points and figures of speech and this poem always made me wonder how it would be that emotion. Today I understood it by analyzing the poem about emotions.

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