Emotional impact:

The emotional impact of the song is very important. Sometimes we really should let go of the private emotions to others so that we get free of black thoughts, that’s why this song is so important for who listens to it and it was such a great hit and so many times covered. For people, this message is so important, that everybody realizes life is not that bad for how bad it is because every endless night has a shining ray. People need to see love, listen to this, and be aware that there is light and not all our lives are darkness.

Social impact:

The social impact of all these figures of speech gives the poem itself, is all a very big message of hope, that there is always a way out. There is always a shining ray that lights our paths. The anaphora is a way of evidencing the word every which means every darkest night has a shining ray and every bad situation has a solution.  Sometimes love hurts but it is not a one-way street because it runs both ways this song tells us that even if we die we have a solution we die and that’s it. 

Psychologic impact:

Psychologically this song is like going to church or talking to our best friend because the message is so positive and it has a meaning for all of us. When I feel blue I always remember a shining ray shines on me. The song has an impact on the listener for its word of hope for the courage it gives us facing the day or even our love life which can be more complicated than quotidian problems. So just let go of your private emotions and feel that shining ray that gets into your lives.

Last modified: Thursday, February 13, 2020, 11:41 PM