Problems with your essay

Problems you may have with your essay:

1 The sentence might be long and confusing

1.1   You may read loud

1.2   Divide the sentences into parts

1.3   Express your objectives

2 The ideas are confusing

2.1 Reread the material how many times you want

2.2 Try always using your own words

2.3 make outline notes

2.4 always use available resources to search your essay subject

3 disorganization

3.1 study well the introduction

3.2 focus on titles and headings

3.3 do a the graphic organizer of the main events

3.4 read a summary or a conclusion

4 Unfamiliar words

4.1 Go to a dictionary

4.2 Do an online search on it

5 difficulty in relating the author ideas or experiences

5.1 read well the plug

5.2 pay attention to the kind of expression

5.3Try to identify the background of the story


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