cause effect essay characteristics

Characteristics of cause-effect Essays

Examples of cause-effect

Cause                                          effect

I produce art                          I am an artist                      

You got traffic                       you will get late for work


The cause X happened because an event X and the effect was the result of X as you can see in the examples, I gave before.

Multiple causes multiple effects

Like the following

Cause gives effect and can be multiple


     The cause can be

X the cause with X, Y or Z effects

One cause 2 or 3 effects

Or one cause or multiples causes, for one effect

How to structure a cause-effect essay




Cause A +case B+ cause C= one effect


Case A=Effect 1 +Effect 2 +effect 3

Another structure of the body of the essay could be

Cause a=effect A

Effect A becomes cause B= effect B

Cause B= effect B become cause c= effect C


Remind the thesis and do the final statement


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