Declaring Your Major & Navigating DegreeWorks

In this section: 
  • How to declare your major
  • How to understand and navigate your DegreeWorks
  • Determine which courses meet graduation requirements for you


An entering student may declare a major at any time after the beginning of the first semester of attendance. The process for doing so depends on the academic unit in which the major is housed, and students are encouraged to check with the Dean’s Office of the college/school in which they declare their major. Other programs of study, such as a minor, certificate program or second major, also must be declared formally using the appropriate process for the college/school. Students must declare a major before declaring a minor or certificate program. Students who have completed at least two semesters at USD and 60 units or have completed four semesters at USD, and have not declared a major will be assigned to an advisor in the College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office.

Selecting a major is one of the most important choices a student will make. A student should declare their major sufficiently early to allow their academic advisor to guide them in the selection of appropriate courses. Students who make their choice too early run the risk of finding themselves in an unsatisfying program or needing to make changes that could extend the time to graduation. Those who postpone their decision may find themselves behind in relation to the recommended program of study and may require additional time to graduate. Students considering majors with complex degree requirements, including engineering, the sciences, business and liberal studies, are encouraged to consult with an academic advisor and declare their major early in their academic careers.

The university’s Career Development Center can assist students in the selection of their major, minor or certificate program. The center's career counselors work with students to assess their strengths, interests and long-term career goals, helping to prepare them for success.

When a decision to make any changes to a program of study has been reached, the student must follow the appropriate processes for the college/school in which their program of study falls. Juniors and seniors who contemplate a change of major should be aware that a change is likely to necessitate taking additional courses in order to complete their requirements.

If you have not yet declared your major, it is important to follow the below steps

1. Decide your major

2. Follow the Declare Your Major process

3. Meet your Academic Advisor within your major (assigned once you declare your major)

4. Understand your DegreeWorks and which courses you need in order to graduate


Click on the below image for video tutorials on how to navigate Degreeworks and understanding which courses you need in order to graduate.

video links for Degreeworks

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