Handling Objections

  • This business is so simple but you obviously cannot control people and force them to say yes, you can however help them rethink if their reasoning to saying no or maybe is valid or if they are missing out on a major opportunity.

  • In this document we are going to be looking at different objections to either purchasing or joining and how you can respond rather than completely losing someone. 

What to say when you hear this common saying: I’ll get back to you or I’ll think about it. Usually we say that’s fine  or sure when would you like to get back to me - this puts us at a lower status when closing. Figure out whether they are needing some more time or if they are politely rejecting you and saying no.


“I’ll get back to you.”
“I’ll think about it.”


“When people say this I don’t hear back from them…
...so what would it take for you and I to do business together?”
... so what would it take for you to start this journey today?”
...so what would it take for you to confirm and purchase today?” 

They respond because it’s a specific question, now you know the specifics, is it the price, is it they want more information, is it that they want to feel its worthwhile for them? Now it’s less general, you can specifically help them make that decision today by solving their issue. 


“No, I’m not interested.”
“This doesn’t seem like it’s something for me.”


“Is there a specific reason you’re not interested or something you don’t like about it?”

“Is there a reason you don’t think it’s for you?”

One example, I spoke to this girl who’s main goal wasn’t to earn an income - it wasn’t her main drive, which for most people it is. So when prospecting there’s only so much we can make personal initially because we don’t know these cold contents. That’s why it’s so important to build trust and a relationship as well as to have a conversation.


“I’m not sure if promoting products is my thing.”


“What if promoting products was not the only aspect of this opportunity, then would you be willing to learn a little more?”


“I honestly do not have the time to sell anything on my page regarding products as I am currently a full time missionary.”


“Did you know there’s actually so much more than meets the eye with this opportunity, so much more more than products and selling. There might be a role or area that suits you best.”

Once I found out what missionary was, I knew her drive was charity work and helping others… ding ding ding… Nourish The Children and Force For Good Initiatives. We are all about making a difference. If I had just said okay that’s fine, I would have lost that contact. Instead of being a fortune teller, assuming what people want  most, ask questions, get to know them a little more. There are so many entry points into this business and don’t forget that not everyone will be into the products and promoting on socials, but could be a phenomenal people’s person, have great offline contacts, could be into more health & wellness (Pharmanex) or be into giving back (initiatives).


“I don’t have the time.”


  • Use four key steps to guide them to the next exposure: LISTEN, RELATE, TELL YOUR STORY and IF I, WOULD YOU.

  • LISTEN:“When you say you don’t have the time, is it that I haven’t shared enough to make it worthwhile the time you do have or is it that you feel overwhelmed with your schedule?”

  • RELATE: They respond with they feel overwhelmed. “Me too! When I first looked at this opportunity, I also had the exact same feeling, I felt like I didnt have enough time balancing my full time studies, working and this opportunity.” (Personal experience)

  • TELL YOUR STORY: “We’re similar in that way! I can share with you what I realised, if I didn’t have time now and something didn’t change in my day -to-day routine, I would never have more time. I thought about the next 5 years and thought if I don’t change something (the outcome will always be the same), I’m going to be even more stressed out, I would have even less time. I figured it out that if I dedicated a little of the time I did have to this opportunity that really teaches you to work smarter and offers more time, I knew that it would pay off in the long term, in the future I would have more time.” 

  • IF I, WOULD YOU: “If I could show you how to make this work alongside your current commitments, busy lifestyle, with the time you do have, would you want to learn more and at least try it out!” 

  • You could say this in a voice note to make it more personal.

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