What to do next!

Now that you have finished this short course I hope you feel more aware of the importance of asking about substance misuse and the implications of misusing substances within pregnancy. It is vital to note that these women do not come to us for judgement but for care and that we, as service providers, should ensure that we make mothers asware of risks and appropriately escalate and refer to ensure optimal outcomes for both mother and baby. 

If you are concerned about a women please contact your safeguarding lead for advice. Your safeguarding lead will be able to guide you into making an appropriate care plan for women. 

You can contact your safeguarding lead here:

(This is where I would add the details of the safeguarding team for the specific trust that used this e-learning module)

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback from this module please feel free to contact myself:

Gabrielle George 


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