1. Introduction

The Open University Business School (OUBS) modules are structured around a 'practice-based' online learning model. This means that as you are taking the module part-time you will be able to apply your learning immediately in your workplace. Learning materials take the form of readings, completing activities in an online forum and meeting in face to face or online tutorials with your tutor and colleagues.

As you encounter new learning experiences and undertake the activities on your module you will be able to reflect on your management practice at work and on your learning. The emphasis is on developing students as  'reflective practitioners' -  professionals who can observe accurately and then deliberately take time to reflect experience. As a result of the reflection, you may begin to see your own organisation and professional practice differently and begin to generate a range of problem-solving options and new possibilities for action.

This short open online course (SOOC) has been designed to explore reflection for learning in a practice-based context to help you prepare for your new module. For some students, learning from experience and professional reflection is quite a natural process which happens subconsciously anyway but for many of us it is a skill that has to be developed through practice. This course will introduce the key ideas and models and then provide a series of guided activities for practice. These activities are also designed to help you with your assignments on the module.

Unit 1 presents the concept of reflective practice

Unit 2 explores reflective practice frameworks and writing

Unit 3 guides you through preparing a Statement on Practice for your assignments in your new module.

Please note that there is a private Blog for your use on this course if you wish. There is also a Chat room to discuss your studies with other students.

Activity 1.1 Introductions

Video: Before you begin studying this course, watch the introductory video on reflection by one of our Associate Lecturers, Dr Bethany Alden 'Fun introduction to Reflection for learning'. As you watch, make a note of some questions that you would like this course to answer for you as you study.

Then go to the Chat room and post an introduction under the' Introductions' discussion thread. I have started this off by posting one from me! After that, move on to the next section:  A brief history of thinking on reflection for learning.

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