11. Learning outcomes review

People have different approaches to reflecting based on things like attitude and their situation. To what extent have you been able to gain a sense of your own approach?

What have you learned? What will you do next?

Learning outcomes

Are you able to...

Achieved outcome?

Y/N/NS (Not sure)

Your objectives for the future

1.Identify your approach to reflection


2.Explain what is meant by reflection for learning


3.Recognise the importance of reflection for learning in the workplace


4.Explain what it is to be a 'reflective practitioner'


5.Reflect on key experiences in the workplace for learning


6.Recognise a range of concepts, ideas and theories associated with reflection for learning


7.Write a professional reflective statement on your management practice


8.Recognise the importance of feedback for reflection on your management practice


9.Explain how you could use the cycle of action and reflection to bring about change


10.Explain how you will use reflection in your future study to achieve your career goals


Blog: You may wish to write a blog post about the learning outcomes and whether you think you have achieved them.

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