9. Reflective practice in a business scenario

In this video scenario, six people meet as a steering group to discuss an office move. The Chair, Marcus has asked a new person, Alan to join the group to facilitate the discussion. You are invited to observe the meeting as a management consultant and reflect on the situation.

Activity 9.1  A poor meeting (Video 9 minutes)

  1. Before you watch, consider what kinds of preparation you would have expected from each member and write a short checklist.
  2. As you watch the video, note how many items on your checklist of expectations were met and what was missed or mishandled.

  1. After you have watched the film, put yourself in Alan the facilitator's position and write a short reflection on the meeting. Use one of the reflective frameworks to guide your writing and focus on deliberate reflection rather than description. How important were the emotional reactions in what happened? ( 200-300 words).
  2. Now write a similar reflective statement from the perspective of one of the other characters' perspective. Again, use one of the frameworks to explore the issues and gain insights into what happened. You may want to watch the video again. ( 200-300 words).
  3. Prepare a short reflective report on what you have learned from looking at the meeting from two different perspectives plus your own as a consultant. How do you feel the next meeting could be handled differently as a result of your reflective thinking? What changes would you make? (300 words) 
  4. Finally, add your report from part 5 to the Chat room if you wish and discuss your suggestions for change with other students. Consider how much the use of a reflective framework influenced your reactions and suggestions for improvement and answer these questions.

    • What insights were gained from looking at the event from different perspectives?
    • Did you focus on the causes (rather than describing the effects/events)? 
    • How useful was this exercise in reflective practice in formulating a better way forward?

Now we will move on to considering reflective practice for your new module assignments.

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