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Learn about pollinators and pollination through interactive and engaging online and outdoor citizen science activities.  

  • Learn how to identify different bumblebee and butterfly species. We have created exciting Artificial Intelligence-enabled tools to help you learn!
  • Understand why insect pollinators are so important and the threats they face
  • Make a Polli-Promise and learn how to create habitat for pollinating insects within your garden or patch
  • Participate in a variety of pollinator Citizen Science projects, selected to be suitable for a range of ages and experience levels

Suitable for ages 7 and above

The courses below are suitable for anyone aged 7 and above (with some adult supervision) and for learning in schools or at home. All the content can be viewed without registering or signing in.

  • Identifying common Bumblebee and Butterfly species

    Identifying common Bumblebee and Butterfly species

    How many bumblebee and butterfly species are there in the UK? Learn to tell them apart to impress friends and family using our interactive tools.


    2 hrs

  • Pollination and Insect Pollinators

    Pollination and Insect Pollinators

    Learn about the pollination process and why it matters. Discover the diverse insect pollinators in the UK and understand the threats they face. 


    2 hrs

  • Planting for Pollinators

    Planting for Pollinators

    Support pollinating insects. Use our tips to plant for pollinators and make simple changes to your gardening that make a difference.


    2 hrs

  • Pollinator Citizen Science

    Pollinator Citizen Science

    Learn about the concept of citizen science and how to contribute data about pollinators. Participate in pollinator citizen science projects.


    1 hr

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