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TIDE Gateway Courses for University Staff

TIDE Gateway Courses for University Staff

Welcome to the Gateway Courses collection for Higher Education Staff. This collection has been set up with free online courses taken from The Open University and adapted to Myanmar context. These courses provide learners with the skills and capabilities needed to engage in the use of technology for teaching and learning..

The courses that are available are as follows:

 When you take these courses please do complete both the start-of-course and end-of-course surveys associated with them. This feedback will help the TIDE partners support universities in Myanmar in transforming their distance education programmes as they begin to develop online courses.

To study one or more of these courses you need to create an account on this site which you can learn how to do by watching this video. Most of all we hope you find the courses themselves both interesting and helpful to yourselves.

The TIDE project enriched distance learning in Myanmar by building the capacity of Higher Education staff and students, enhancing programmes of study, and strengthening systems that support Higher Educational Institutions (HEI) in Myanmar. TIDE was part of the UK-Aid-funded Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education Innovation and Reform (SPHEIR) programme ( SPHEIR is managed on behalf of FCDO by a consortium led by the British Council that includes PwC and Universities UK International. The TIDE project closed in May 2021.

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  • How to become an online facilitator

    How to become an online facilitator

    This course introduces concepts and ideas about how best to engage with learners, encourages conversation, and identifies good practice for responding to learners online. 

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    5 hrs

  • Digital skills: succeeding in a digital world

    Digital skills: succeeding in a digital world

    This free course develops your confidence and skills for life online, whether study, work or everyday life. 

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    24 hrs

  • Take your teaching online

    Take your teaching online

    In this free course, Take your teaching online, you will gain knowledge fundamental to delivering effective teaching online. 

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    10 hrs

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