Parkinson's: managing palliative and end of life care

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Parkinson's: managing palliative and end of life care
    • Welcome to Parkinson's: managing palliative and end of life care.

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      This course was produced by the UK Parkinson's Excellence Network. 

      It has been designed for professionals, such as Parkinson’s specialist nurses and other clinicians, who work as part of the specialist team during the palliative and end of life phases. It may also be useful for health and social care professionals who already have experience of working with people with Parkinson’s, but wish to enhance their knowledge of palliative and end of life care in Parkinson’s.

      The purpose of this course is to enhance your understanding of palliative and end of life care in Parkinson’s and to guide you through this journey alongside your client and their carers.

      It aims to improve the outcomes of this journey for all involved by encouraging early conversations about advance care planning, and the need to make decisions about treatments the client may or may not wish at the end of their life.

      This is a badged course which will take no more than 10 hours to study and means you can gain a digital badge compatible with Mozilla Open Badges upon successful completion of the course. The course is divided into five sections. 

      As you progress through the course, there will be some reflective exercises. These are important to help you think about your past practice and consider if you might be able to improve this in the future.

      There are quizzes at the end of each section, allowing you to assess what you have learnt. At the end of the course there is a final quiz which is a review of all the sections. You will gain a digital badge if you get a pass rate of at least 65% in the final course quiz.

      Sample Palliative and End of Life Care badge from UK Parkinson's Excellence NetworkYou must click the "Enrol" button to be able to do the quizzes and earn the badge. You can find out more about the Parkinson's: Palliative and End of Life Care badge on the Course and badge information page.

      Details of everyone involved in producing and funding this course can be found on the Acknowledgements page.

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      This course was launched in September 2017. It should not be seen as a substitute for clinical reasoning nor should it be used as a substitute for expert advice.

      Extensive effort has been made to ensure this course is as accurate as possible at the time of production, however the accuracy and completeness of the information provided can not be guaranteed.

      The course should therefore be used as a guide, with no medical decision being solely made on the information provided.

      Particular thanks and appreciation go to the J. Macdonald Menzies Trust, which provided the funding to enable the development of this learning programme and this course.

      Next course review: September 2019


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  • Gain a digital badge

    Gain a digital badge

    By studying the course you will have the opportunity to gain a digital badge – you need to click on the ‘Enrol’ button to be able to do the quizzes and earn the badge.

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    This course is part of a collection

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  • Course learning outcomes

    • Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of palliative and end of life care and how these can be applied in Parkinson’s.
    • Identify the challenges in practice of applying palliative and end of life care principles in Parkinson’s.
    • Confidently discuss the theory of advance care planning and the issues involved, such as power of attorney or advance decision to refuse treatment.
    • Identify symptoms which indicate the end of life phase in Parkinson’s and highlight the issues in management of this phase.
    • Be aware of the family/carers of the client and their needs throughout the end of life phase through to bereavement.
Below is the course content. You can click on any section here and it will take you through to this section of the course.

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