Everyday computer skills: a beginner’s guide to computers, tablets, mobile phones and accessibility

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Everyday computer skills: a beginner’s guide to computers, tablets, mobile phones and accessibility
    • Welcome to the course

      Welcome to Everyday computer skills: a beginner’s guide to computers, tablets, mobile phones and accessibility. Digital skills are now indispensable in a society that increasingly depends on computers. This course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to get started in this digital world. It explores accessible ways to use computers and the internet.

      People with different abilities and skills can explore and adapt the course content. If you are a complete beginner, we suggest you start with Lesson 1. If you have basic skills already, you can skip to the next lesson and start at the level that’s right for you.

      Once you become more confident in your digital skills, you will have access to a boundless world of information. New technologies are constantly being developed, making everyone a learner. Even if technologies are changing fast, the important thing is to grasp the nuts and bolts. This is what this course will help you do.

      For quick reference, you will find the meaning of any new words you encounter in the glossary. There is a quiz at the end of each lesson to encourage you to check your learning and on completion of the course, you will receive a digital badge and certificate of achievement. By the end of Everyday computer skills: a beginner’s guide to computers, tablets, mobile phones and accessibility, you should feel equipped with the skills to function inclusively in a digital world.

      The course has been designed with and for disabled learners, in partnership with Lead Scotland and The Open University in Scotland (OUiS), with funding from the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) Digital Participation Fund, matched by The OUiS. The course has been optimised for accessibility and should be compatible with assistive software. On a small mobile screen it may not yet be fully mobile responsive so using pinch and zoom to increase the size of text on screen might be necessary. On a desktop or laptop computer, use Ctrl +/- to increase or reduce the size of text on screen as needed.

      Please note, the download versions of course content (Word, PDF, ebook) are provided for the convenience of studying the content when offline, however the system cannot track progress through the downloaded versions as there is no feature to synchronise your offline progress when back online. To update your progress bar, click through the online content pages of material you have studied offline. The quizzes can only be attempted and submitted online.

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    • Gain a digital badge

      Gain a digital badge

      By studying the course you will have the opportunity to gain a digital badge – you need to click on the ‘Enrol’ button to be able to do the quizzes and earn the badge.

    • This course is part of a collection

      This course is part of a collection

      This course is part of a collection of courses called The Open University in Scotland. There are 6 courses in this collection so you may find other courses here that maybe of interest to you.

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    • Course learning outcomes

      In this course you will learn how to:

      • develop knowledge and confidence about how to use a computer
      • create your own files using Microsoft Word
      • send and receive messages via email, Facebook, Twitter and Skype.
      • access and search the internet securely
      • use online services such as shopping and banking.

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    Course reviews

      George Connolly

      Everyday Computer Skills

      George Connolly21 September 2020 3:21

      This Course was recommended to me by Dawn Robb, volunteer co-ordinator of LEAD Scotland. She asked me to try it out partly for my own benefit, but also for me to assess its suitability for the learners with disabilities or little knowledge of computers. i found the Course to be well constructed and progressive with easy steps and plenty of background information and reading to enable participants to achieve the aims of each section. the end of section quizzes and tests were perfect with 3 opportunities to select the correct answers. the only thing I found "difficult" was re-accessing the Course if I took a break of a day or 2. there was probably a simple way of doing it, but I didn't find it. I think the Course is perfect for those with little or no previous experience as it covers everything you need to know to set up and use this technology.

    About this course

    • 16 hours study
    • Level 0: Beginner
    • Gain a digital badge


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