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  • End of Module Quiz

    Well done you've almost completed SKIP Policies and Procedures!

    To pass the module you will need to get a minimum of 80% in the quiz, complete the feedback form and the confirmation .

    End of module quiz-
    To access the quiz click on the quiz icon and click start attempt.
    Answer the questions (you can always check back to the module if you're unsure of an answer).
    Click 'submit all and finish' to finish your attempt.
    Click 'finish review' when you have checked your answers.

    You need to score 80% or over to complete the quiz. If you have scored under 8 you will need to complete the quiz again. Click on start another attempt to try again.
    You can repeat the quiz as many times as you like.

    Feedback Form-
    Click on 'Answer the questions' to open the form.
    Answer the questions and click 'submit questionnaire'.  Press 'continue' before navigating to the confirmation of completion of module' (click the end of module quiz tab on the left hand side).

     Confirmation of completion of module -
     Click 'Start attempt' and read the information. Once you are happy you have completed all of the criteria please enter your name and the date in the signature box.
    Click 'finish attempt' to submit. Then 'submit all and finish'.
    This will then be checked by the online trainer who will mark it as complete.

    Once the SKIP Online Trainer has reviewed your course completion you will then receive a statement of participation to your email. Please download and save this for your records.

Collaborating Organisations and MOU

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