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Treasury in SKIP

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Treasury in SKIP
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  • Course learning outcomes

    • Understand the importance of treasury, and the regulations relating to treasury in SKIP
    • Be aware of funds within SKIP and how these are used
    • Understand designated funds and other important treasury concepts as related to fundraising
    • Understand treasury tools and their importance
    • Be aware of the different externals we use within SKIP
    • Understand and be able to use the treasury terminology used within SKIP
    • Know who the treasury team are and how to get help!

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Course content

  • Welcome

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  • Bank accounts

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  • Bylaws

    In order to ensure we always look after charity money the best we can, we have a set of financial  guidelines as part of the SKIP Bylaws. The Bylaws are a supportive framework that represents how  we practically work from day-to-day.  

    The most up  to date bylaws can be found on Gdrive: SKIP resources > Governance. Section 8 (Finances) or on the SKIP Website- .  

    It is definitely worth reading because they are indispensable in understanding the way we work as  a charity. 

    If there’s anything you think should be changed, or you don’t agree with in the bylaws  this  is  something  that  is  discussed and  voted  on at  the  yearly General  Assembly and we would  definitely encourage you to suggest additions, amendments, or removals of bylaws!

    skip bylaws

  • Charity Commission & Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR)

    These are the bodies who register and regulate charities in the UK to ensure that the public can donate to charities with confidence

    They have a number of responsibilities with regard to this:  

    • Registering eligible organisations  

    • Enforcement action when there is malpractice or misconduct  

    • Ensuring charities meet their legal requirements  

    • Making information about registered charities available to the public  

    • Providing guidance and online services to charities
    oscr logo
    Charity Commission logo

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  • Funds in SKIP

    SKIP has several central funds which each Branch (except candidate branches) will need to contribute to.They are outlined below:

    funding sketch

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  • Making payments

    This section is a overview of the ways in which SKIP can make payments, for more information please contact the treasury team.

    credit card

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  • Fundraising

    The information provided here is only an overview as relating to Treasury and the bylaws if you have any questions please contact the National Fundraising Coordinator

    lockdown quiz

    skip cardiff fundraising

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  • Treasury Tools

    Completing tools are essential to the running of a SKIP branch, and especially so with regards to treasury.  They  ensure  we  are  meeting legal requirements and can  maintain our  status as a registered charity.

    This is a brief overview of the tools so that all SKIP members are aware of them. If you are the branch treasurer or part of the treasury team you will receive more in-depth training.

    tools treasury

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  • Contact us!

    We  hope  this module has  been a  useful resource but if there’s anything you don’t  understand or need some extra help with, please get in touch! 

    Looking forward to hearing from you!  

    National Treasurer  
    Amelia Ram 

    Trustee Treasurer 
    Lucy Franklin 

    ARB Lead  
    Tom Taynton

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  • End of Module Quiz

    Well done you've almost completed Treasury in SKIP!

    To pass the module you will need to get a minimum of 80% in the quiz, complete the feedback form and the confirmation .

    End of module quiz-
    To access the quiz click on the quiz icon and click start attempt.
    Answer the questions (you can always check back to the module if you're unsure of an answer).
    Click 'submit all and finish' to finish your attempt.
    Click 'finish review' when you have checked your answers.

    You need to score 80% or over to complete the quiz. If you have scored under 8 you will need to complete the quiz again. Click on start another attempt to try again.
    You can repeat the quiz as many times as you like.

    Feedback Form-
    Click on 'Answer the questions' to open the form.
    Answer the questions and click 'submit questionnaire'.  Press 'continue' before navigating to the confirmation of completion of module' (click the end of module quiz tab on the left hand side).

     Confirmation of completion of module -
     Click 'Start attempt' and read the information. Once you are happy you have completed all of the criteria please enter your name and the date in the signature box.
    Click 'finish attempt' to submit. Then 'submit all and finish'.
    This will then be checked by the online trainer who will mark it as complete.

    Once the SKIP Online Trainer has reviewed your course completion you will then receive a statement of participation to your email. Please download and save this for your records.

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