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Introduction to Ecopsychology

Introduction to Ecopsychology
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      This course is part of a collection

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    • Course learning outcomes

      By the end of this unit you should be able to:

      - name and describe your psychological responses to climate change;
      - understand how a range of feelings can block us from thinking effectively about how to - take the necessary steps towards acting for life in the face of climate change;
      - understand and experience how emotional intelligence plays a part in empowering people to take effective action in our current ecological crisis;
      - appreciate why presenting people with facts alone is not enough to inspire action;
      - discover how to build psychological resilience, which can help individuals and communities endure crisis;
      - develop critical thinking into the psychological and cultural roots of climate change, and the larger ecological crisis of which climate change is a part;
      - understand what has brought about human destruction of the rest of nature, and how human-nature relationships can be revitalised.

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      Colin Davis

      Introduction to Ecopsychology

      Colin Davis5 December 2018 7:28

      I was happy with the content of this course, but not having suitable people around to interact with, I was unable to carry out the discussion tasks, except with myself. My only criticism is with the functionalities of the website, where it is impossible to know whether you have actually started a course and the course system had no way of knowing when or whether I had finished it. I was expecting a quiz but no quiz appeared.

    About this course

    • 2 hours study
    • Level 1: Introductory


    4 out of 5 stars

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