Training guide


4. Storytelling, songs, games and roleplay

4.1. Songs, poems and rhymes

Singing together and reciting poetry or rhymes can help to make all learners feel included because individual performance is not in focus. The rhyme and rhythm in songs and poems makes them easy to remember and helps language and speech development.

Activity 2.8: Using songs

Watch the video below where the teacher is using songs in a Grade 1 lesson. As you watch, take notes in your Teacher Notebook to answer these questions:

  • What is the lesson about?
  • What does the teacher use songs for in this lesson?

Check your answers with other teachers.

  • Did you all get the same answers?
  • Can you think of other times you can use songs in your lessons?

Plan your own song activity

Think about what you are teaching next week and with the teachers in your TGM think of a song, poem or rhyme that could support learning. Think about how you can use it and anything you might need to prepare before the lesson.