How to identify community owned solutions

5. Activity 4 - Community owned solutions

Activity 4 introduces community owned solutions and identifies which strategies your community currently use are community owned solutions.


To introduce the idea of community owned solutions; to provide examples of community owned solutions identified and recorded by communities; to highlight the importance of sharing community owned solutions


1 hour

Who should be involved?
The community team selected in Activity 1


Step 1

Introduce the idea of community owned solutions from information provided in Unit 1.

Step 2

Assess which strategies are community owned solutions. From Activity 3 establish to what degree the agreed ‘important’ strategies are community owned solutions. Use the simple checklist of ‘what are community owned solutions’ given in Unit 1. Ask community team members to describe whether each strategy is a community owned solution by using the following categories: yes, no, maybe and putting their answer in a fourth column.

Step 3

Introduce the community owned solutions videos. Show 1 or 2 of the community owned solutions video examples and ask the community team members to consider:

      • What does the video show?
      • What is the message?
      • Whose perspectives are represented?
      • What are the assumptions?
      • What ideas or views are missing?

Step 4

Ask the community team members to reconsider the strategies and discuss together which ones are community owned solutions. Update the answers in the fourth column.

Step 5

Ask the team to select their top two community owned solutions and plan to record the community owned solutions with participatory video. If you are meeting face-to-face or online then this can be done as a separate session or when the community team has time to do it.

Photo showing someone digging

Step 6

Produce a storyboard to explain to others the steps involved in carrying out the community owned solution.

Step 7

Filming of the community owned solution. Ask the community team to film their community owned solution following their storyboard.

Step 8

Edit the film. Ask the community team to edit their videos of their community owned solutions.

Step 9

Screen the community owned solutions with the wider community, either at a meeting or online, and get their feedback on the films. Edit them if the community feels they do not reflect the situation correctly.