Facilitation and Ethics in Participatory Video

1. The role of the facilitator in participatory video

Key characteristics to be a good facilitator:

  • Clearly explain what you are going to do.
  • Manage expectations: clearly explain the potential benefits. 
  • Get to know the participants: learn their names and backgrounds.
  • Encourage participation: be aware of who is talking and help quieter participants to take part.
  • Be an active listener: always listen and pay attention, even if someone is not speaking in your language. In this case you can engage a local translator.
  • Be observant: be aware of group dynamics.
  • Be positive: always encourage and support participants.
  • Be neutral: make sure you facilitate all views.
  • Behave according to local rules and customs: respect local customs including appropriate expressions and body language.
  • Feedback and questions: ask for feedback and answer participant’s questions.