Create a space for your open course

If you do not require support or extended functionality you can create your own space in OpenLearn Create for your open course or resource by following these instructions.

  1. Sign in (you may need to register an account first)
  2. Create a course and the Course metadata form
  3. Your course space - edit settings metadata about your space

3. Your course space - edit settings metadata about your space

Once you have clicked Save Changes your course space should appear, and you can start to add content and resources. A default "get started" label will appear in the course content area - you can edit this or delete it.

Edit settings metadata about your space

Under the Administration menu on the left click on "Edit settings"

The "Edit course settings" form will appear.  The form will already be populated with some of the information you entered when you created the space, you can update it and add other information on this form. 

You might want to update the following settings:

  • Course short name
    This will be created by the system when your course was set up, in the format "PUB_1234_1.0".  It is also used in the subject line of course email messages (it is no longer used in the breadcrumb trail).   You will not be able to change this short name unless you have 'course manager' permissions for your course so if you have a very good reason for changing it to something else, you will need to email with the short name you would prefer and the reason for the change.
  • Description - Course summary
    You can update the course summary which will be displayed in the list of courses on the site. A course search searches course summary text in addition to course names.
  • Description - Course image file
    Course summary files, such as images, are displayed in the list of courses together with the summary. The ideal ratio for this image is 1.34 : 1 (Width x Height), i.e. a 7 x 5 photo.
Each heading of the Edit settings form is explained in the "Course metadata guidance page" and by clicking on the Question mark symbols alongside the headings on the form.

When you have updated the settings, click on 'save changes'.