Adding the course home page elements

You will need to add the following to your course home page:

  1. Course and banner images and theme colour (see also Collection banner image if you need a Collection for your courses)
  2. Add a course description
    Optional: Adding Video or images to the course description
  3. Add Learning Outcomes

2. Add a course description

You will need a course description - an overview of the course to welcome people and explain what your course is all about. Your course description needs to provide information about who has written the course and its purpose. 

  1. Switch editing on.
  2. Click on the top 'edit' button on the top right of the screen - this is the default general topic area of the course. Click on 'edit section' in the dropdown which appears.
  3. Insert your course overview text to the text box. In the heading box for this default general section area, uncheck the tick box about using the default section name heading. Add a welcome heading to the course or if you don't want a heading, put a space in the heading text area so that there is no heading (if you don't put a character in this box, the default heading text 'General' will be used).
  4. Click on 'save and return to course'.