Adding the course home page elements

You will need to add the following to your course home page:

  1. Course and banner images and theme colour (see also Collection banner image if you need a Collection for your courses)
  2. Add a course description
    Optional: Adding Video or images to the course description
  3. Add Learning Outcomes

1. Course and banner images and theme colour

1.1. Collection banner image

If you have a collection for several courses you will need a collection banner image, the size needs to be 850x398 pixels.  A banner can contain a logo or branding to distinguish your collection space from others. Currently you cannot create a collection yourself - you need to request a collection to be set up for you, then you will be given editing permissions for the collection. Please provide the following information for us to set up a collection:

  • Title of the collection (this needs to be concise)
  • The collection banner image
  • Some description text which explains to people what the collection is about. The collection description area can also include logos if you haven't put these into your collection banner image.