Setting up the structure of your course

You  need to choose and set up the structure of your course. Moodle offers various course format options which determine the layout of the course page.

  1. Course format options
  2. The Topics format
  3. The Freeform format

3. The Freeform format

If your open course doesn't have a set structure or is very short you can choose the Free Form layout which means everything will display on one page rather than in sections.  You will use the pages/headings/labels/content links to organise the content over shorter pages.   

Observing the Night Sky: What next? provides a good example of using a free form structure with each separate page view created using Pages (Resources) which have been arranged in sections and sub sections.

To set your open course using Free Form layout

  1. Go to 'Edit settings'
  2. Click on 'Course format'
  3. Choose 'topics' format
  4. You don't need to change the 'Hidden sections' fields
  5. Make sure the 'Course layout' field is 'show all sections on one page'
  6. Save changes