Activity and Course completion tracking

If you need to set up completion tracking of activities so that a Statement of Participation or Badge can be configured for your course, you need to switch on the Course completion tracking in the Edit settings. These checks and setup should only be done after everything else in the course is ready, including the quizzes. Some of this configuration (badges) can only be setup by someone with ‘manager’ permissions for a course. If you are the course ‘owner’ you will need to request the ‘manager’ role for your course from (please provide the URL of the course for which you are requesting ‘manager’ permissions).

  1. Set up completion tracking
  2. Set up activity tracking
  3. Quiz activity settings
  4. Bulk editing the resource and activity completion settings
  5. Course activity completion
  6. Test the course materials and the quiz
  7. Set up the badge
  8. Final checks
  9. Enable the badge
  10. Set up the Statement of Participation

2. Set up activity tracking

  1. For each activity go to the activity on the home page and click on the edit settings button 
  2. Click on Activity completion and the options will appear
  3. Default is ‘do not indicate activity completion’.  This means the activity will not be tracked and no checkbox will appear beside it.
  4. Select ‘Show activity as complete when conditions are met’ from the dropdown box.
  5. Check the ‘require view’ box if they only have to view the activity to complete it alternatively you may want to check the ‘require complete view’ box to ensure the learner works through the entire activity rather than viewing one page.  You may want to make some pages optional (i.e. not required) and these should be listed in the text box provided.
  6. Save and return to unit.