Invite others to collaborate on authoring and editing

You have created a course space and want others to help you author and edit the course.  You can invite colleagues to collaborate in the draft course space. 

  1. How to invite others to collaborate
  2. General Data Protection Rules

General Data Protection Rules

PLEASE NOTE: for data protection reasons you must never share your email address and password for your OU account with colleagues or other learners to enable them to login as you. They must create and use their own account to enrol on and manage courses on OpenLearn Create.

If you have created a course on OpenLearn Create, have been given the course manager role and want someone else to manage the course too, they must sign in with their own account then complete and return the Data declaration form to us before they can be granted permission to edit and manage the course too. 

Please contact with the course URL to request the data declaration form.