Adding Resources

How to add resources into your OER on OpenLearn Create

Resource types enable almost any kind of web content to be inserted into the course.

5. Adding subpages

A subpage is a smaller version of the main course page. You can use subpages to create sections and add activities to group activities together.

PLEASE NOTE: since Moodle 3.3 upgrade in June 2018, some elements of the subpage function were broken which means that additional topic headings are created when a subpage is set up, and these cannot be easily hidden from the course navigation menu. We are working to fix this problem, in the meantime we suggest you use the subpage function with caution.

Add a subpage

  1. In the course space switch editing on.
  2. Click on Add an activity or resource under the main course home page or below an existing heading.
  3. The ‘add an activity or resource’ screen will appear.
  4. Under Resources select ‘Subpage’.
  5. Click on the ‘Add’ button

  6. The ‘Adding a new Subpage’ screen will appear.

  7. Give the subpage a name and you can add a short description.
  8. Then click on Save and display.
  9. The empty subpage will appear

Unlike a page, you can add activities and resources to the subpage and can rearrange their order. You can also move other activities and resources from elsewhere in the course to the subpage.

A subpage does not come with navigation links between pages or subpages, you would need to put these in manually if you need them. See the instructions for adding links between pages if you need them.