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Julie Cooper Post 1

15 Oct 2019, 07:00

Week 5 Activity 4

In a Hospice setting we use a variety of spaces, clinical, offices spaces, patients homes, at events and general community settings all have a bearing on how we communicate.  In recent times we are expanding our use of technology using technology as an enabler in all areas of the organisation.

Some might say that the use of technology can feel impersonal and cold and that palliative care relies heavily on talking with and listening to people to understand their experiences and goals and I agree that this is an important part of a patients journey.  However, tablets and laptops are allowing our doctors and nurses to provide support and care to even more patients and their carers. Sharing real time information with the hospital and local GPs improves continuity of care and reduces hospital admissions.

The use of technology in other non clinical areas is showing benefits especially in relation to our income generating teams and their engagement with supporters and in all areas we are seeing flexibility and efficiencies in ways of working.

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Fidele Mutwarasibo Post 2 (summarised) in reply to 1

15 Oct 2019, 11:15

Week 5 Activity 4

 Agree with Julie on the role technology can play in...
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