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Picture of Anita Connolly

Anita Connolly Post 1

4 Nov 2019, 15:36

week 3 Activity 6 Ideal Leader

My ideal leader would be someone who is passionate about the charity and the people who work in it. That they are consistent in delivering the vision of the organisation and empowering others to follow at what ever level you work at. Someone you feel comfortable to talk to and be free of prejudice or judgement. An Ideal leader would empower and encourage others and give praise where needed or considered and also coach others if they are struggling and give constructive feedback and advice. To deliver the strategy and vision at a pace that is achievable but also drive when needed. To be open and communicative, to be visual and give feedback and updates so everyone feels a part of the organisation and why they are doing what they come to work for even when times are hard. An ideal leader would also accept when things have not gone to plan and look at alternatives involving others ideas and thoughts.

Picture of Carol Jacklin-Jarvis

Carol Jacklin-Jarvis Post 2 in reply to 1

6 Nov 2019, 07:46

Hi Anita

Thank you for sharing your ideal.  Of course a problem with ideals is that they are unachievable in their entirety.  So, it's great that you end by suggesting that an ideal leader needs to be able to recognise and move on when things go wrong.  This does though point to the problem that arises when leaders don't accept that things have not worked and simply press on with their plans in spite of the evidence.


Picture of Megan Parnell-Murphy

Megan Parnell-Murphy Post 3 in reply to 1

6 Nov 2019, 08:03
This sounds like a great leader Anita! I like how you have included the entire organisation in this not just the leader and top management, and also how you have mentioned driving a strategy at an achievable pace to keep things realistic, make sure they actually happen and that they are done well with the support of staff. 
Picture of Steven Walker

Steven Walker Post 4 in reply to 1

13 Nov 2019, 21:27

Hi Anita,

I'm very much on board with this ideal of a leader! How do you think they might deal with funders who are pressing the organisation to substitute quality of delivery with quantity?