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Steven Walker Post 1

13 Nov 2019, 21:22

Week 3 Activity 6

My ideal leader in the voluntary sector would lead by example i.e work incredibly hard and follow their own rules. They would empower their paid and unpaid staff and offer opportunities for CPD and advancement. This person would be likeable and approachable so ideas don't go unvoiced for fear of a rebuttal. They would be charismatic; I feel without charisma it is hard to inspire or command respect.

Constantly working hard and not taking short cuts wouldn't go unnoticed by the staff and they wouldn't have an excuse for slacking themselves. By always giving to your employees it makes it so much easier for them to give back.

Charisma is essential, almost synonymous with leadership. You have to have something about you for people to want to work for you and follow you in your desired direction.