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Picture of Kris Stutchbury

Kris Stutchbury Post 1

10 Jul 2020, 17:37

Activity 2.7 Teacher Education

Use this thread to tell us how you could use TESSA OER in your teaching

Course Instructor

Ndidi Ofole Post 2 in reply to 1

17 Jul 2020, 12:41

I will use TESSA Key Resources  to do the following

Assessment:  I will TESSA key resources  to plan my assessment formative and summative assessments.   I will use forums, quizzes to identify if learners have acquired what they are meant to learn. If not  I will follow  them up to close the gaps.

Participatory Methodologies: I will use TESSA resources  to creatively  design and  enrich my lesson to make it engaging for the students. I will use brainstorming, role plays, case study, group work etc.

Managing large classes:I will apply knowledge gained from TESSA resources to manage class classes by putting them in groups and local communities.

Questioning Techniques: With TESSA resources I will now ask the students questions that will stimulate creativity and problem solving skills.

Using Technology: I will adapt TESSA OER to enrich my teaching and learning experiences.

Picture of Angore Mbitha

Angore Mbitha Post 3 in reply to 1

17 Jul 2020, 21:39


I will mainly use OpenLearn as it has many aspects of OER which are free ans easily accessible and are quality assured by basically providing a searchable link and quizzes whose answers are available in OpenLearn.

Picture of Abiola Ajani

Abiola Ajani Post 4 in reply to 1

17 Jul 2020, 22:08

I will apply the knowledge acquired I from TESSA resources to plan and prepared my lesson,assess my lesson and learners.I will use questioning technique to stimulate thinking and problem-solving skills in my learners.

I will also adapt TESSA OER vto further equip the learners knowledge and enrich my lesson.


Bashiru Saliu Post 5 in reply to 1

17 Jul 2020, 22:27

I will apply knowledge acquired to improve teaching and learning experience of my colleague and ataff

Picture of Michele Deane

Michele Deane Post 12 in reply to 5

23 Jul 2020, 18:53

Fine, Bashiru. You may find it useful to be a bit more specific and practical. What sort of knowledge are you thinking about?

Picture of Patriciah Wambugu

Patriciah Wambugu Post 6 in reply to 1

18 Jul 2020, 09:31

TESSA material will help me to prepare lessons with learner involvement. They will help me to teach critical thinking and problem solving skills. I will use the materials to help the pre-service teachers come up with project that  use locally available resources. The training of pre-service teachers may need the TESSA materials especially in the methods of teaching course and micro-teaching. 

Picture of MARTHA Kabate

MARTHA Kabate Post 8 in reply to 6

19 Jul 2020, 14:10

well said Patriciah

Picture of MARTHA Kabate

MARTHA Kabate Post 7 in reply to 1

19 Jul 2020, 14:09

The TESSA OER will be used in:

Planning the lesson (The lesson preparation)

In the formative assessment  , will give  picture on the progress of my teaching

In making teaching more interactive  in the process of teaching

Picture of Kris Stutchbury

Kris Stutchbury Post 9 in reply to 7

19 Jul 2020, 22:18

Martha, - you make a good point about formative assessment. I saw my colleague Reymick Oketch (a lecturer at Makerere University) give an inspiring presentation in which he asked participants to access a particular TESSA section and then asked them to analyse the activities and case studies and highlight all the examples of formative assessment. It helped them to understand how to do formative assessment. 

Picture of Michele Deane

Michele Deane Post 13 in reply to 7

23 Jul 2020, 18:56

Great, Martha! Which TESSA resource(s) would you select to make your teaching more interactive?Have you seen one resource which made you think "Oh! This could help my students understand / do / try. I will try it in this way when I do the topic about..."

Picture of Dauda Pikawi

Dauda Pikawi Post 10 in reply to 1

21 Jul 2020, 09:03

The TESSA OER is an exclusive reservoir of resources for the teacher, you may use it as guide, as a reference, as a training manual as well as compare your existing resources with it so as to come up with resources that may best serve the purpose of the teaching and learning process. 

Picture of Andrew Ibrahim

Andrew Ibrahim Post 11 in reply to 10

22 Jul 2020, 23:10

My thought is in line with you Dauda

Picture of Linet Njagi

Linet Njagi Post 14 in reply to 1

24 Jul 2020, 10:08

to equip me more on my teaching method,lesson plan, assesment methods

Picture of Heitor Simao

Heitor Simao Post 15 in reply to 1

24 Jul 2020, 10:29

I can use Tessa OER in planning my classes, designing the assessment, applying active teaching and learning methodologies and discuss with my colleagues about LCE and its application in our context.

Picture of Paul Idris

Paul Idris Post 16 in reply to 1

29 Jul 2020, 00:41 Edited by the author on 29 Jul 2020, 00:43

TESSA and OER materials will help me in organizing and strategizing the learning content such that the presentation and the delivery of the lesson content will be done in a simpler and interactive manner which will stimulate the interest of the

The systematic way of how TESSA present the living and non living thing in science subject. How the topic was brick down systematically torching all aspect of the topic. How living and non living were model from scraps, were just wonderful for some one to adopt this methodology and the systematic content delivery concept.


Gladys Rotich Post 17 in reply to 16

31 Jul 2020, 13:50

I am interested in venturing more on materials to teach literacy. Especially the rhymes.

Picture of Aminu Rufai

Aminu Rufai Post 18 in reply to 1

1 Aug 2020, 22:15

I Will use TESSA OER to facilitate online

I will use TESSA OER  to showy students in case they need resources for teaching

Picture of Jacqueline Korir

Jacqueline Korir Post 19 in reply to 1

7 Aug 2020, 11:29

I would use TESSA OER materials in preparing notes and activities for teaching. I would also use OER for research.

Picture of Mary Omotayo

Mary Omotayo Post 20 in reply to 1

10 Aug 2020, 18:25

Open Educational Resources are materials that are available for both teachers and students without any cost to support both academic pursuit and professional development. of individual.

The first thing that l will consider is to see all information and contents compressed in OERs as guide for improvement, means of adaptation for change and an approach compete to meet up will the demands of the global world

I want to recognise the fact that the development of individual is the beginning of the development of an organisation/institution, on the basis of this notion, l see the the OERs as a means for both teachers/educators and students to bring knowledge and practice together for creation recreation of new knowledge. In this sense, l see the OERs as literature and tools for future inquiries.This will create an opportunity for collaboration where individual would be exposed to different activities that provided different ideas for proper learning experience to take place. 

Picture of Felicia Oamen

Felicia Oamen Post 21 in reply to 1

11 Aug 2020, 12:13

To teach narrative writing skills, I would like to use story or drama texts on OER. I could also incorporate films from OER. these and more should help to make narrative structure real to learners

Picture of Chimdiebere Joseph

Chimdiebere Joseph Post 22 in reply to 1

8 Sep 2020, 06:36

How I will use TESSA OER to support my teaching.

I will ensure that my staff use it in their classrooms / on teaching practice, and prepare them, for classroom use, to help them reflect on their experience of use. The preparation can be through the following means : 

- Discussion

- Modelling / demontration ( video clips can be useful) and

- Micro teaching.


Toluwase Olanipekun

Toluwase Olanipekun Post 23 in reply to 1

14 Sep 2020, 14:54

I will use TESSA OER to plan my class activities better so that I can have an organised class.

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