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Iraoya Okhuoya Post 1

20 Jul 2020, 14:37

Teaching approaches

Teachers and teacher educators have found it easier to build a different sort of relationship with learners by using strategies which promote active engagement such as:

  • flexible use of whole-class, group and pair work where students discuss a shared appropriate task;
  • frequent and relevant use of learning materials beyond the textbook;
  • open and closed questioning, expanding responses, encouraging student questioning;
  • demonstration and explanation, drawing on their knowledge of how to teach different topics;
  • use of local languages, code switching (moving between two languages) and tran languaging (drawing on multiple languages);
  • planning and varying lesson sequences.
Using ICT can also help build more democratic relationships, by creating more opportunities for talking about learning, and for learners to ask questions.

It has been reported by teachers and teacher educators that employing these strategies over time leads to a transformation in relationships with their students. By changing their teaching methods to focus on active learning they noticed the ‘visible response in their students that indicated that learning was taking place’.


FLORENCE KISIRKOI Post 2 in reply to 1

16 Sep 2020, 22:35

Great contribution here Iraoya

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