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Picture of Kris Stutchbury

Kris Stutchbury Post 1

21 Jul 2020, 16:10

Important message about using this forum

Thank you for accessing the forum! Find the discussion with the Activity number and title, started by 'Kris Stutchbury', that you would like to comment on and join the discussion. 

Please do not start a new discussion so we can keep everyone together and interacting with each other. 

Thank you! Kris

Picture of Franci Mureithi

Franci Mureithi Post 2 in reply to 1

22 Jul 2020, 05:01

Using discussion forum

Thank you for the advice. It's important that learners maintain one stream of thought so that we achieve a common goal.

Picture of Jane Amunga

Jane Amunga Post 14 in reply to 2

29 Jul 2020, 19:12
Picture of Ruth Walioli

Ruth Walioli Post 23 in reply to 2

13 Aug 2020, 05:37
Picture of Paul Idris

Paul Idris Post 3 in reply to 1

23 Jul 2020, 07:27
Picture of AGGREY Opele

AGGREY Opele Post 4 in reply to 3

24 Jul 2020, 00:36
Picture of Francis Kirimi

Francis Kirimi Post 5 in reply to 1

24 Jul 2020, 16:25



Picture of Francis Kirimi

Francis Kirimi Post 7 in reply to 5

25 Jul 2020, 09:29



Picture of Francis Kirimi

Francis Kirimi Post 6 in reply to 1

24 Jul 2020, 16:26
Picture of Michele Deane

Michele Deane Post 8 in reply to 1

25 Jul 2020, 14:24

Thank you for this guidance, Kris. If everybody follows it, it will really help the 5 facilitators/teachers on the course give better feedback.

So it would be really helpful if you could post your contributions in the appropriate discussion among the following ones that were started by Kris:

  • Activity 2.1: Active teaching and learning and LCE 
  • Activity 2.3: Reflecting on learner-centred education
  • Activity 2.4: Analysing teaching
  • Activity 2.5: TESSA Key Resources 
  • Activity 2.6: Knowledge of how to teach 
  • Activity 2.7: Teacher education 
  • Activity 2.8: Interactive teacher 

The five facilitators/teachers on the course are :

  • Kris Stutchbury
  • Sandra Amos
  • Deborah Cooper
  • Michèle Deane
  • Helen Hendry
Picture of Abdulhafiz Aliyu

Abdulhafiz Aliyu Post 9 in reply to 8

25 Jul 2020, 21:29
Picture of Francis Kirimi

Francis Kirimi Post 11 in reply to 8

26 Jul 2020, 13:32



Gladys Rotich Post 17 in reply to 8

31 Jul 2020, 13:01
Picture of Bonface Nabwoba

Bonface Nabwoba Post 10 in reply to 1

26 Jul 2020, 00:31

Thanks Prof, well noted.

Good directions, that will also eventually help us in our duties back home where we serve

Picture of Sandra Amos

Sandra Amos Post 12 in reply to 1

29 Jul 2020, 10:55

Hello everyone

If you have started a new thread to answer one of the featured activities, it will be added to the discussion started by Kris. 

If you post a response to a topic that is in another week, your post will be moved to the correct week. 

This will keep the forums focussed on the issues in each section and encourage discussion. 


Picture of Francis Kirimi

Francis Kirimi Post 13 in reply to 12

29 Jul 2020, 11:04

very informative 

Picture of PETER Gathara

PETER Gathara Post 24 in reply to 12

26 Aug 2020, 08:42

FLORENCE KISIRKOI Post 27 in reply to 12

14 Sep 2020, 18:02
Oh yes. I see where i had got lost. Thank you, Sandra

FLORENCE KISIRKOI Post 30 in reply to 12

16 Sep 2020, 22:27

The forum are very interesting way of interacting with colleagues. Thank you for guidance.

Picture of Monioluwa Olaniyi

Monioluwa Olaniyi Post 15 in reply to 1

30 Jul 2020, 12:43

Noted with thanks, Kris.

This picture was taken over ten years ago in my office

Sefinat Omuya Post 16 in reply to 1

30 Jul 2020, 16:01

Noted as this helps to direct our thought and contribution

Picture of Kefa Simwa

Kefa Simwa Post 18 in reply to 1

1 Aug 2020, 01:58

Thank you for the guidance Kris.

Picture of Carolyne Musembe

Carolyne Musembe Post 19 in reply to 1

1 Aug 2020, 21:05

Noted with thanks

Picture of Jacqueline Korir

Jacqueline Korir Post 20 in reply to 1

6 Aug 2020, 20:48
Picture of Felicia Oamen

Felicia Oamen Post 21 in reply to 1

11 Aug 2020, 13:07

Thanks Kris. The forum has helped to express views and get feedback from other participants

Picture of Mulikat Mustapha

Mulikat Mustapha Post 22 in reply to 1

11 Aug 2020, 13:26

Using the Discussion Forum

Thank you, the advice is noted.

Picture of Chimdiebere Joseph

Chimdiebere Joseph Post 25 in reply to 1

28 Aug 2020, 19:53

Noted with THANKS.

Toluwase Olanipekun

Toluwase Olanipekun Post 26 in reply to 1

14 Sep 2020, 14:37

Noted with thanks.


FLORENCE KISIRKOI Post 28 in reply to 1

14 Sep 2020, 18:04

Thank you, Kris. I had missed this.

Picture of Charity Okonkwo

Charity Okonkwo Post 29 in reply to 1

15 Sep 2020, 12:13

Acknowledged with thanks.

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