Course reflection and conclusion

We hope you have enjoyed and gained value from this introduction to leadership in voluntary organisations. The course authors’ intention has been to offer a balance of critical engagement and practice orientation, so that you can think about, appreciate and practise leadership in new and interesting ways.

Activity 5 Reflecting on your course learning

Timing: Allow about 20 minutes

Which one thing do you now do differently, or do you plan on doing differently, as a result of participating in this course? Spend 15 minutes on your answer. Post your views in the thread for this activity in our discussion forum [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)] . Take five minutes to comment on the posts of at least two other people.


We do hope, naturally, that you will be doing at least one thing a bit differently at work as a result of participating in this course, even if that one thing is developing more of a willingness to experiment in general with leadership at work. We look forward to reading your comments on this activity and will try to read and comment on as many of them as possible.

Moving forward, we hope that this course and our other course on collaborative leadership can act as a way of connecting people who are interested in leadership and in developing leadership in the sector more generally. We want this space to be a genuine community space where we are all learners and developers simultaneously.

If you are interested in taking your leadership further, we encourage you to now enrol in and begin our companion course, Collaborative leadership in voluntary organisations. This course picks up and further develops many of the themes that have been introduced here but with more of a focus on practices and certainly more of a focus on how we can collaborate better with one another.

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