4  Using the World Wide Web

  • Most of the time we use a computer we are probably using the World Wide Web, or ‘the web’ as we call it. We use the web to get information about things, watch movies, listen to music or buy goods.
  • The computer has a special program on it to look at web pages called a web browser. When we use a web browser, we often say that we are ‘browsing or surfing the net’, or ‘browsing or surfing the web’. They mean the same thing: we are looking at web pages on our computer that have been created by other people and are stored all over the world.
Table 2 Using the World Wide Web
What we do How we do it
Type in the name of the website we want to go to
Type in what we want to search for
Use the bookmarks for websites we have been to before and like

3  Examples of web browsers

5  Getting the right web page