3.6 Person centred care

The diagram below depicts the results of the generic narrative for person centred care, based on literature review, experiences of bereaved carers and views and experiences of professionals and carers. It was produced by National Voices and the National Council for Palliative Care. It supports the type of person centred care advocated in the principles of end of life care, which were discussed in section 2.4.

It also summarises the elements discussed in section 3, which promote person centred care at end of life and support the person and those closest to them to have their desired end of life experience.

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(The National Council for Palliative Care & National Voices, 2014).

The following video produced by NHS England discusses person centred care. It explains the elements of care which produce co-ordinated and seamless care and promote satisfaction and improved care outcomes for the individual.

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3.5 What is an advance decision to refuse treatment?

3.7 Summary of section 3