4.8.1 Supporting carers towards the end of life and death of people with Parkinson’s

How can the health professional support carers through this process?

  • Keep the carer involved in the care planning and about changes of medication, treatment and nutrition.
  • Inform the carer of changes which may indicate the dying phase.
  • Give the carer opportunities to share their concerns and fears.
  • Arrange a referral for a carer’s assessment which focuses on their needs and may identify a need for respite, sitting service or even financial assistance.
  • Recognise cultural and religious differences around end of life beliefs. Arrange a referral to the appropriate support network or chaplaincy services.
  • Recognise the need to support the carer in bereavement.

4.8 Recognising the needs of carers

4.8.2 Bereavement care