4.8.2 Bereavement care

It is recognised that for every death at least four relatives and friends experience the loss. For carers their loss is exacerbated by having invested so much of themselves in the caregiving role that they are now socially isolated and have few support systems to assist them through bereavement.

After bereavement, carers may require assistance to re-define their role and re-organise their life.

It is important to identify their needs and refer the carer to the appropriate services. This may be bereavement counselling or support from a statutory or voluntary group, who might provide a befriending service if this person is now left on their own.

Bereavement care may be delivered by religious or charitable organisations or bereavement support groups.

Reflective exercise

Use your reflection log to identify bereavement support mechanisms/groups (voluntary or statutory) in your area which you could refer a carer to for support.

Identify one such organisation and reflect on the type of support they would offer to a bereaved person.

4.8.1 Supporting carers towards the end of life and death of people with Parkinson’s

4.9 Summary of section 4