4.9 Summary of section 4

In this section we have identified the indicators of the end of life phase and how these can assist us to recognise that the client is entering the end of life. We discussed the four aspects of care – physical, social, spiritual and psychological – which make up the elements of holistic, person centred care. We looked at each aspect in detail and how to manage them.

We also looked at the actively dying phase and the importance of the advance care planning in guiding person centred care. We looked at the role of carers and the stress they experience. We identified the importance of recognising their care needs and offering them information and support to assist them through this phase and in their bereavement.

We hope that you have gained an increased knowledge in the end of life phase in Parkinson’s and that you will feel confident about using this knowledge to enhance your practice. Importantly, we hope you are confident to use it to improve the care provided to all your clients and those closest to them, who are experiencing the end of life.

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