3. Why be a mentor?

Mentoring isn’t necessarily for everyone, however there are significant positives that might be gained from being a mentor.

Activity 3.1

What benefits do you feel you personally might be able to gain from becoming a mentor?

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Research suggests that some of the key benefits gained by those undertaking a mentoring role include:

  • Develops managerial skills by taking responsibility for others, empathising, and discussing problematic workplace performance situations.
  • Develops communication skills (i.e. questioning and listening), something that can help mentors in their wider professional lives.
  • Provides additional skills that can be highlighted when applying for new roles.
  • Becomes aware of their own development needs while supporting a mentee
  • Learns from their mentees and colleagues who bring with them fresh perspectives and new ideas, something that can, in turn, help to develop the mentor’s own problem solving skills.
  • Gains additional networking opportunities.

Activity 3.2

Before moving on to the next section of the course, take a minute to think about what it is that you feel you’d personally like to gain from your experiences as a mentor.

2. The benefits of mentoring

4. What makes a good mentor?