The Internet and the web


  • The Internet is a collection of interconnected computers located throughout the world. These computers come in many forms, most obviously the traditional PC, but also include tablet computers, smart phones and smart home devices such as televisions.
  • Many domestic and commercial devices that are required to share information are now doing so via the Internet. This is known as the Internet of Everything (IoE).
  • Some examples of the IoE are:
    • Controlling the lights and heating in your house from a smart phone when you are on holiday.
    • Viewing your security/cat flap camera from your smart phone when you are at work or school.
    • Traffic lights automatically detecting an approaching ambulance and communicating among themselves to provide a clear path to the hospital.
    • Doctors monitoring a patient’s heart rate remotely via wearable technology.
  • Whenever you are using a computing device to access the Internet, you have actually become a part of it!

1  The Internet at home